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Subaru Impreza Gp N14-16 Carbon Hatch. RT1434/SE


Product information

A hatch for a Subaru Impreza Gp N14-16. Manufactured from a wet lay Carbon fibre and Glass fibre composite. This part is designed for Motorsport use as a weight saving over the standard Edit Production part. This hatch weighs approx 5-6kg, the steel equivalent hatch weights approx 12kg giving a massive weight saving.
The Carbon weave finish cannot be guaranteed however we will always try our best to make the part as aesthetically pleasing as possible. This hatch is designed with the internal skin but with no cut-outs for the wiper system to fit. Threaded inserts bonded in the inner skin allow the hatch to be fastened onto the original hinges and to the original boot catch if needed. If ordering via email or phone please state whether you intend to paint/wrap the hatch or leave it as exposed carbon.

Technical specifications

Product Code: RT1434
Brand: Rallytech
Condition: New


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